Comfy trunks, happy balls

We just built the world's comfiest swim trunks

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Enter The NutNook

Our genius creation, the Taj Mahal for your meatballs. It's like a throne for your groin, a sanctuary for your spuds, a cocoon for your cojones. With Nutnook, you'll have nothing to fear but a shortage of sunscreen. We will make sure our tech is the talk of the beach - making waves and ensuring your beach buddies are never in a tight spot.

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  • Emily, CA

    "HighTide swim trunks are like a breath of fresh sea breeze! The way they fit on guys is simply mesmerizing. It's as if they were tailor-made to showcase their beach-ready physique. HighTide has definitely mastered the art of blending style and comfort in the world of swimwear!"

  • Lauren, FL

    "As someone with an eye for fashion, I must say that HighTide swim trunks are on point! They strike the perfect balance between trendy and comfortable. When I see a guy confidently rocking HighTide trunks, it's like witnessing the intersection of style and beach vibes."

  • Sarah, MN

    "HighTide swim trunks are like a summer daydream turned reality! They have this uncanny ability to make any guy look like a sun-kissed Adonis. It's a visual treat for us beach-loving gals. Thanks to HighTide, my beach outings are filled with delightful eye candy!"